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What to wear to your photoshoot

Thank you for choosing Amy Hinks Photography for your Portrait Session! I'm so looking forward to capturing some very special memories for your family.

The next question I am asked after confirming your booking is.. "what do we wear to our photoshoot?"

Well, be comfortable! There's nothing worse than wearing something you are going to constantly re-adjust the entire time. Wear something you feel great in! And as for colours... here's my recommendation...

Choose 2 or 3 colours for your group. That way, everyone can choose their own outfit from your colour palette, and you will compliment each other without being 'matchy-matchy'. I recommend wearing something you would wear to a nice casual dinner (which many of my families do after their shoots anyway!). Stay away from anything heavily branded, with big logos etc. And because the majority of my photoshoots are held at the beach, leave your shoes in the car.

Here's a stack of examples to help you with ideas.

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